Our Mission & Values

Our Vision

We strive to grow by acquiring the best solutions and the brightest talent in order to offer our customers a comprehensive array of search, file, registry and process services under one roof. This carefully charted growth, and the following four foundational pillars are how we support our customers:

Leadership Through Innovation
At Dye & Durham, we are committed to our role as thought leaders, change makers and advocates. In a continually evolving industry, it is important for us to think long term, to see the changes that are coming over the horizon and respond in a way that benefits our customers, strategic partners and community. We take a proactive approach to business, paying close attention to government legislation, technological advancements and changes within each ministry. We see ourselves as stewards of our industry and therefore keep a pulse on the changing needs of our customers. We have become known for our ability to quickly adapt to the needs of a continuously changing landscape. We make it our responsibility to chart the territory and do what is required to best serve those who rely on us, so we can move forward together.

Accountability & Integrity
Taking ownership, accountability and operating ethically is woven into the fabric of who we are. It is within the innate nature of our team members and those we hire and allows us to do our jobs with full respect, integrity and transparency. If we take something on, we take it on 100% and won’t rest until our customers are satisfied.

Full Support
We live and breathe to support our customers. Each of our team members are empowered to make the decisions necessary to meet our customers search, filing and registry needs in an accurate, timely fashion. Finding solutions, offering information and ensuring that you can count on us, no matter what the challenge, is what each team member at Dye & Durham shows up, ready to do, every day.

Relationships & Partnerships
We love our customers and we want to be the team they reach out to for support with simple tasks, unforeseen challenges or complex problems. We have worked hard over the years to build the right partnerships and connect with the various institutions that affect how business is conducted. Dye & Durham has built and maintained relationships with the key governing bodies that impact our industry, putting us at the forefront of knowledge, technology and policy.

All of these pillars come together, empowering our team members to go the extra mile for our customers so that they feel supported every step of the way. Dye & Durham offers industry-leading expertise across each of our practice areas. We make our customers’ lives easier by offering a single source for all of their support service and product needs. We back this with our satisfaction guarantee and approach our work with a you can 'count on us' attitude. All these everyday actions come together to fulfill Dye & Durham’s purpose: to make a positive impact in the lives of our customers, partners and team members and support their success.

Our Mission   

We are dedicated to being recognized as Canada's premier supplier of worldwide registry & legal support services, engaging innovation, expertise and customer focus to facilitate the ongoing success of our clients. The concept of full, timely and reliable support permeates every level of our internal operations and extends outward to our customers, community and industry.

Our Corporate Values

We are accountable. We take ownership and accountability while operating ethically in all our interactions with customers, between ourselves and in the communities in which we do business.

We are resolution-focused. We constantly strive to find solutions for our customers' challenges to enable their success.

We embrace innovation. We are not afraid to change, to make mistakes and to learn from our mistakes. This is how we grow our business and ourselves.Embracing technology, personal relationships and corporate responsibility, Dye & Durham provides full support through local presence, regional focus and global scope. 

Meet our team

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