The History Of Dye & Durham

Dye & Durham Corporation has a long and proud history of serving the legal, business, government, and the public community, starting from within Canada. Since 1874, we have been dedicated to providing high quality products and services across the country and worldwide.

1874: Founded as the Dominion Blank Form Company.
Dye & Durham originated in 1874 as The Dominion Blank Form Company. The name Dye & Durham came into being in 1911 when Mr. Shirley H. Dye and Mr. Sydney D. Durham became proprietors.

1911: Purchased by Shirley Dye & Sydney Durham.

1962: Printing Division established.
Dye & Durham began as a legal form business and soon progressed to a complete office products company. With the purchase of our first printing press in 1962, the printing division was established.

1976: Ottawa office & warehouse opened.

1977: London office & warehouse opened.

1987: Toronto office opened.
In 1987, Dye & Durham opened a corporate search office on University Avenue in Toronto, complimenting a growing incorporation and search business that had been established for a number of years.

1991: Cartwright Omni Corporation became the new owners.
In 1991, Cartwright Omni Corporation acquired the assets and operations of Dye & Durham Co. Ltd. Under its new name, Dye & Durham Co. Inc. began a whole new era in a large brand new warehouse and head office facility on Tapscott Road in Scarborough. Cartwright Omni Corporation next purchased Newsome and Gilbert Inc. in August 1992. Since 1880, Newsome and Gilbert Inc. had been providing fine printing and stationery to Canadian law offices.

1993: Acquired Newsome & Gilbert Inc.
In July 1993, Newsome and Gilbert Inc. and Dye & Durham Co. Inc. amalgamated to become one company under the name of Dye & Durham Co. Inc.

1996: Winnipeg office & warehouse opened.

1997: Acquired portion of CCNS.
In August 1997, Dye & Durham Co. Inc. acquired the Ontario Search Services and Corporate Supplies division of CCNS Corporate Services Ltd.

1998: Acquired assets of CCNS.
In January of 1998, Dye & Durham Co. Inc. acquired the assets of CCNS Information Services Inc. in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. This newly acquired division carried on operations as a subsidiary of Dye & Durham and was named Western Legal Information Services Inc.

1999: Acquired Agentis Information Services Inc.
In the dawn of the new Millennium, Dye & Durham was pleased to announce the acquisition of Agentis Information Services Inc., a British Columbia based company, that was well known and highly regarded as a supplier of conveyancing, process serving, court, search and registration services.

2000: Acquired Western Legal Information Services Inc.
In 2000, Dye & Durham integrated its sister company Western Legal Information Services Inc. in British Columbia with the former Agentis Information Services Inc., under the name Dye & Durham Company Inc.

2001: BC distribution centre opened.

2006: Became Dye & Durham Corporation, a subsidiary company of the Cartwright Group Ltd.
On the first day of January, 2006, Dye & Durham Company Inc. was restructured into Dye & Durham Corporation, a Subsidiary Company of The Cartwright Group Ltd.

2008: The service component of Dye & Durham’s western operations acquired by then Vice-President and General Manager, Constance Fenyo.
In November 2008, the entire service component of Dye & Durham’s western operations was acquired by then Vice-President and General Manager, Constance Fenyo. This agreement, excluding the Office Products Division, severed Dye & Durham from its former parent company, The Cartwright Group, and established a free-standing, wholly BC-owned and operated firm with absolute autonomy.

As President and CEO, Ms. Fenyo has refined Dye & Durham’s operations to further entrench the firm as Canada’s premier registry and legal support services provider and the industry’s first choice.

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