The Story Of Dye & Durham

StoryThe name Dye & Durham has been rooted in the legal services industry for more than a century. Founded in 1874, we are one of a few companies who can affirm their involvement in multiple generations of families, law firms and businesses. As the most comprehensive supplier of search, registry and legal support services in Canada, we perform due diligence work nationally and in over 65 countries. The evolution of services we’ve provided over the years have made, and continue to make a positive impact on our customers’ lives by alleviating the burdens associated with conducting searches, filing registrations, processing and document serving. Throughout the company’s history, we have been very deeply involved in the communities where we serve, taking our contributions well beyond the lines of day-to-day transactions. Together, we have helped our customers and their communities build, grow and protect the things that are most important to them for over 140 years.

Everything we do is about people – supporting all of the people who surround us. We have developed strong relationships with our customers, strategic partners and team members – many of whom we are proud to call friends. We are relentless about supporting people in achieving success, often at critical, game-changing moments. With our roots in the legal industry, our team understands that an extra sense of care must go into what we do. It is not just the pieces of paper or digital records that we manage and file, it’s what those files represent and the impact our work has on people’s lives, both professionally and personally.

Our tenacious pursuit of being the industry leader in registry and support services has been substantiated by a series of careful, best-in-class acquisitions over the past 40 years. We have pulled in the strongest and the brightest under our umbrella to support our customers. We are proud to have developed a culture that supports the learning, development and advancement of our team members, many of whom have spent 20 years or more working at Dye & Durham. With subject matter experts in each of our practice areas – Due Diligence, Corporate and Commercial, Real Estate, Litigation and Process Serving. With more than a century in business in the legal industry and a series of thoughtful acquisitions, Dye & Durham’s knowledge, expertise and experience are tested and true.

StoryDye & Durham has continuously evolved our infrastructure to make it easy and convenient for our customers to search, file and manage any and all work orders and records. We have taken what were once cumbersome and time consuming processes and enhanced the customer experience so that all filings can now be administered through one online portal, and our commitment to full service doesn’t stop at making ordering easy. We manage the process from beginning to end, by providing assistance with customer filings, and mitigating customer risk through insurance, service guarantees and offering a one-stop service fulfillment process. When all is correct and complete, we pull every file together, package them up and return them – freeing up our customers to focus on supporting their clients and building their businesses.

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