Dye & Durham provides both online and offline support so we can meet you where you are using what you are comfortable with. As the industry leader in registry and legal support services, we are continually improving and exploring new ways to stay on top of technological trends and better serve our customers.

We developed two online applications that address the industry’s need for instant access to information, electronic filing and work order management. Explore our electronic solutions below:

  • Corporate Records Management System – ECORP™. Your simplified approach to corporate records management. An enterprise-level online application designed for law firms and practitioners, ECORP™ offers a simple, practical and cost-effective solution to the management of corporate records.
  • One-stop gateway to all legal registries – ETRAY™. Your virtual agent and online work order system. Place your order on this free web-based application and see it get picked up, processed, filed, invoiced and delivered back to your computer electronically, with real-time online document tracking capability.

Save your time and money. Order services on ETRAY™ today.

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What our customers have to say

What Our Customers Have To Say

"In an effort to get more automated, we looked into a number of corporate records software programs. [...] Then we found out about ECORP™. The price was right and the results were immediate."
~ - Catalyst Paper Corporation
"I think ECORP™ is the best thing since sliced bread. It is extremely easy to use, and I am looking forward to working with it on a regular basis."
~ - Alton & Associates
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