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2013 Justice Summit Report coming in December

Written on Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

BC's second Justice Summit recently took place on November 8th and 9th at UBC Allard Hall.  This year's Summit was attended by a wide cross-section of justice leaders from across the province, including the Chief Justice, members of the judiciary, the Attorney General, the Minister of Justice, the defence bar, Crown and police.

The 2013 Summit continued to focus on goals and objectives for the criminal justice system, its performance and strategic direction. Participants discussed how to create a justice system that better reflects and serves the values identified by the inaugural Justice Summit held last March. A detailed report from the second Justice Summit is due next month.

A regular Justice Summit was one of the recommendations made in Geoffry Cowper, QC's 2012 Final Report,  A Criminal Justice System for the 21st Century: Final Report to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General.  The BC Government committed to this process in October 2012, and looks to be moving towards establishing the Summit as a regular event.

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