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BC's Longest Practicing Notary Celebrated

Written on Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Garry Gracey, BC's longest practicing Notary celebrated 40 years this past week! In an exclusive interview, Dye & Durham had the opportunity to connect with Gracey and understand his passion for practicing.

How did you know becoming a Notary Public was for you?
"In the early 1970's, I was doing conveyancing work at Clark Wilson LLP. I was approached by a senior partner suggesting that I become a Notary Public. With all the land title search and document work I had been doing, it seemed a natural fit. I submitted my application and at age 25 became a Notary Public... the rest is history!"

How long have you been working as an affiliated Notary with Dye & Durham?
"That goes way back. I began in Dye & Durham's Process Serving Department years ago dealing with affidavits and declarations."

What is your favourite part of the job?

"The mere satisfaction of my clients; they trust me to ensure that they are happily welcomed into their new homes."

Share one of your proudest career accomplishments.
"In 1981, interest rates hit an all time high of 22%. I was able to sustain myself until right after the Expo of 1986 when interest rates begin to drop. My tenacity along with a $95 monthly rent fee helped me get through those tough years!"

Do you have any plans for retirement?
"No plans at this time. I like to think that there are only so many malls to visit. Plus, I have no real hobbies other than handball!"

If you could give new Notaries any advice, what would it be?
"When starting out, there are three things to keep in mind:
1. Purchase an established practice;
2. if starting out on your own, obtain a ground floor office; 
3. and have a qualified conveyancer."

BC Notaries provide a wide variety of services. To contact Garry Gracey, you can visit him at 342 - 555 Sixth Street, New Westminster or call 604-525-5255. Congratulations, Garry!


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