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CBABC Young Lawyers Hosts Annual Judges Dinner 2015

Written on Friday, May 1st, 2015

This past Wednesday was the annual Judges Dinner hosted by the Young Lawyers of CBABC.

The dinner was attended by Dye & Durham's very own Court Registry Support Services Manager, Anne Amos-Stewart, who spent the evening surrounded by colleagues as Chief BC Justices discussed legal issues. The event was hosted at The Sutton Place Hotel and featured a three course meal in addition to a meet and greet with BC's Justices. In attendance were:

The Honourable Chrisopher E. Hinkson of the Supreme Court of British Columbia 
The Honourable Robert J. Bauman of the British Columbia Court of Appeal
The Honourable Thomas Crabtree of the Provincial Court of British Columbia

Justices shed light on factors influencing legal decisions, legal documents as evidence, advocacy, testimonies, witnesses and lawyers reputations. The event also featured a Chief Justices Q&A and prize draw. Sponsors included the Canadian Bar Insurance Association and Lindsay LLP.

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