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Congratulations to BC's Newest QCs

Written on Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

First posted in July with nominations opening in September, the annual British Columbia QC announcement takes place in late December. Attorney General Suzanne Anton announced the 39 appointments on Friday with this quote, "The QC designation is given to lawyers who have shown professional integrity, excellence in the practice of law, and who have contributed to their communities and the legal profession in meaningful ways. This year’s recipients are exemplary contributors to our justice system and our province."

See this year's recipients in the list below, and read more about them in the AG's press release.

  • Alex Albert Shorten

  • David Bruce Adams

  • Garth Murray Evans

  • Jalaludin Ali Jaffer

  • William Gordon MacLeod

  • Moosa Ali Lakhani

  • Andrew Anton Bury

  • Peter Frederick Buxton

  • Deborah Jane Strachan

  • Mark Stephen Weintraub

  • James Michael Coady

  • Robert William Cooper

  • Judith Irene Frances Kenacan

  • Nancy Joanne Wilhelm-Morden

  • Nancy Elizabeth Brown

  • Phyllis Maurene Kenney

  • Kathryn Sarah Sainty

  • Shayne Peter Strukoff

  • Barbara Kay Buchanan

  • David Wallace Hay

  • Gregory Donald Lewis

  • John Henry O'Fee

  • Michael Peter Klein

  • Marilyn Elizabeth Sandford

  • Christopher Blaine Doll

  • Douglas Robert Eyford

  • Narinder Pal Singh Kang

  • Nancy Gail Merrill

  • Ronald Gregory Sai-Ming Pun

  • Gregory John Tucker

  • Charles Geoffrey Baragar

  • Ward Kenneth Branch

  • Tracey Michelle Cohen

  • Augustine Tae-Hoon Earmme

  • Thomas Parker Christensen

  • Joyce Lee

  • Robert John McCarthy Janes

  • Jeffrey Thomas John Campbell

  • Ludmila Barbara Herbst

Congratulations to all of British Columbia's new QCs!

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