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Expanded Scope: BC Notaries

Written on Thursday, November 12th, 2015

Have you been following the updates from the BC Notaries regarding their expanded scope of service?

As mentioned in the Law Society of BC's July E-brief ongoing discussions are occurring between the Law Society and the Society of Notaries Public of BC to merge the two, having BC Notaries regulated by the Law Society. The groups are researching educational and experiential requirements and issues of governance. According to the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch, the ongoing issues (since 2010) have been merging the societies and “bringing approximately 330 notaries under the umbrella of the Law Society. As part of those negotiations, the notaries are asking for increased scope of practice.” The CBABC supports the merge, but has an argument against increasing power of the Notaries when it comes to dealing with probate, trusts and incorporations as lawyers are already equipped to provide such services.

Highlights from CBABC include:

"CBABC submits position paper to BC Government."

"CBABC makes two submissions to BC Government. CBABC President Matthews states position in letter to Minister Bond."

"CBABC provides input to LSBC Legal Service Providers Task Force, supports merger of regulatory operations with Notaries' Society."

"Report of the Legal Service Providers Regulatory recommends new classes of legal service providers in areas where there are unmet needs."

"LSBC Qualifications Working Group is convened - CBABC responds to proposal to expand notaries scope of practice."

Most notably, "The scope increases involve issues of probate, trusts and incorporations. The rationale that has been presented to support this increase is one of access to justice – specifically, that the public needs more suppliers of these particular services."

Learn more and contribute to the decision making process by visiting the CBABC online.

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