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Fall 2015: An Interview With Justice Minister Suzanne Anton in The Scrivener

Written on Monday, November 23rd, 2015

The BC Notaries Scrivener magazine is published quarterly. The organization recently released their final issue of the year.

This issue follows a theme of leadership and real estate with articles dedicated to:

  • What it means to "follow the leader"
  • The Leadership of BC Notaries
  • Multiculturalism, Gender, and Leadership in Real Estate
  • Learning About Leadership and Qualities of a Good Leader
  • The Leadership Organization
  • Data Corporation: Leading the Way to Progress and Success

And real estate article such as:

  • Excellence in Mortgage Brokering
  • BC Notaries: Run Silent, Run Deep
  • The Path to Change: 30 Years of Transforming Land Use in British Columbia
  • Real Estate and the Land Surveying Profession
  • Real Estate Institute of BC Leaders and New Board of Governors
  • Leadership in Real Estate
  • The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver’s Story
  • BC Assessment: Leveraging People and Innovation
  • Property Valuation: Why is it Important in Today’s Economy?
  • International Recognition for BC Real Estate Education

Learn more and read the entire issue by visiting BC Notaries online.

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