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Legal Services Society Shares Goals for 2016

Written on Tuesday, February 23rd, 2016

The Legal Services Society shared some of its goals for 2016 in the latest issue of Legal Aid Update.

LSS CEO Mark Benton, QC shares that he hopes in 2016 the LSS can engage with "Aboriginal communities to develop a shared vision for serving the needs of indigenous communities better", secure better finding for Aboriginal legal services, launch an interactive and innovative public legal information website, secure funding to expand justice programs province-wide, and continue improving the LSS Online billing portal.

The February 2016 Legal Aid Update also shines a spotlight on Family LawLINE and the important work the LSS is doing for family law clients. You can hear from Family LawLINE's lead lawyer, Amber Van Drielen, on some of the memorable and meaningful ways the service helps people in the Our Stories section of the LSS website.

Lastly, the Update shares the preliminary results of evaluations of the five LSS justice innovation pilot projects running until March 2017 (expanded criminal duty program, expanded family duty counsel, enhanced Family LawLINE, mediation referral, and parents legal centre). Those results are promising; we'll look forward to seeing the completed evaluations when they are completed later this year.

Kudos to the LSS for their continued hard work and dedication to improving access to justice for all citizens of BC.

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