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New Versions Of Land Title Form Templates Available

Written on Friday, June 12th, 2015

For those of you working in land titles, the LTSA has issued new versions of nice electronic land title form templates and two Surveyor General submission form templates.

The updated forms include:

1. Form A – Freehold Transfer (v21) and Form B – Mortgage (v21)

2. Form 17 – Cancellation of Charge, Notation or Filing (v13)

3. Form 17 – Charge, Notation or Filing (v12)

4. Form C – General Instrument - Charge (v20) and Form C – General Instrument - Release (v21)

5. LTO Application to Deposit Plan (v12)

6. Local Government Filing Form (v5)

7. LTO Survey Plan Certification (v10)

The updated forms Surveyor General submission form templates include:

8. Survey Plan (Crown Land Registry) (v14)

9. Post Renewal Form (v3)

It is recommended that you download the new forms and begin using them right away. At present, the older forms are still being accepted, but if you use them, you will receive courtesy warnings to download the new forms. For assistance, please contact our Real Estate Support Services department at [email protected] or 604-257-1810.

See our news release, LTSA Releases New Versions of Electronic Land Title Form Templates, for more details including the specific changes to these forms. Current WESA forms can also be found here.

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