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UBC Law Launches LL.M. in Taxation

Written on Friday, November 8th, 2013

The Faculty of Law at UBC is launching a new graduate program in law, a LL.M. in Taxation. It is a one year, full time, non-thesis degree, with an option for part-time. It is the first such program in Western Canada.

The program will provide graduates with a depth of knowledge and level of technical expertise in tax law beyond that which can be acquired in a basic law degree or other relevant disciplines. Mandatory courses will ensure that students have a solid foundation in core areas of tax law and practice, while optional courses give students the ability to develop expertise in areas of interest.

Applications opened on November 1, with the deadline for receipt on January 31, 2014. All applicants, and especially international applicants needing student visas, are strongly encouraged to get their applications in early.

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