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UVic Law Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Written on Friday, March 20th, 2015

As UVic Law celebrates its 40th anniversary this month, the Provincial Court notes that 21 of its judges are UVic Law graduates.

"They include Judges Gregory Rideout and Edward de Walle, retired Judge Marilynn Borowicz, and former Provincial Court judge, now Supreme Court Justice Sukhdev Dley, all members of UVic’s first law class. Judge Marion Buller, the first female First Nations judge appointed in B.C., was a featured speaker, addressing her fellow alumni at Saturday night’s Founders Dinner.

Provincial Court Chief Judge Thomas Crabtree has the distinction of being from a dynasty of UVic law grads – he, his sister Jean Fadai, his son Andrew, daughter Katelyn, and daughter-in-law Leah Plumridge all attended the family law school. The family has established the Crabtree Family Entrance Scholarship to assist indigenous students to become lawyers."

The eNews item also points to an article by Dean Jeremy Webber on UVic's news service (also published in the March issue of The Advocate). In the piece, Dean Webber looks at whether our province and country would be any different had UVic Law not been founded. He concludes on a personal note, saying, "I would be a worse scholar, I would have less range as a teacher, I would know less and be able to convey less—were it not for the constant stimulus and commitment of the faculty, staff, and students at UVic Law."

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