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UVic Law Student Technology Survey is Out

Written on Friday, September 20th, 2013

The tenth annual UVic Law Student Technology Survey is out and is available in its entirety at Rich's Random Thoughts.

Rich McCue, IT Director at UVic Law, not only gives us the bare statistics but also points out trends in technology among students by comparing multiple years.

Some of the more interesting points from this year's executive summary include:

  • 96% of incoming law students own “Smart Phones” that can browse the internet (up from 89% last year and 50% three years ago), with 54% of the total being iPhones, 31% Android and 11% Blackberry (Blackberry usage is down from 27% two years ago). New law students are primarily using their mobile devices for directions, email, and looking up schedules & contact information.
  • Tablet & eBook ownership have doubled in the past year with 44% of students owning tablet devices or ebook readers.
  • 92% of students use Skype for real-time audio/video calls and collaboration; 42% use Apple Facetime; and 9% use Google Hangouts.
  • 92% of students use Facebook (down from 97% two years ago), 31% use Twitter, 19% Linked In, 8% Google+ and 3%  don’t use online social networks.
  • 97% of students own laptops. 57% of laptops are Macs, up from 49% last year. 44% use Windows, down from 48% last year.

A full copy of the survey results are available on Rich McCue's blog.



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