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VBA Advocate September

Written on Monday, September 28th, 2015

The Vancouver Bar Association publishes their far-reaching publication, The Advocate, six times annually.

This issue features Derek LaCroix, QC and Lawyers Assistance Program ("LAP") Executive Director on the cover and offers a lengthy article on LaCroix's philanthropic nature and active engagement for the betterment of the community. Moreover, the September issue features an article on s.73 of the Land Title Act and how judges are needed to bring change to the legal industry.

VBA Advocate September

The fifth issue of the year also features a story of "Partners in the Horn of Africa", a charity based in Ethiopia for the improvement of an impoverished environment. The charity started in 2002 by BC Bar members and has to date, raised over $8 million, for community development. Furthermore, readers can find a sampling of wine reviews and mobile apps, along with the second place Short Story Fiction Competition winner, "The Missing Word (or Words)" by Bruce Harper.

A few other announcements included the VBA Battle of the Bar Bands winner and the incoming 2015/2016 Executive Committee which includes:

Jennifer Chow, President, Vancouver
Michael Welsh, Vice President, Yale
Bill Veenstra, Secretary Treasurer, Vancouver
Alex Shorten, Past President, Vancouver
Erin Crockner, Young Lawyers Representative, Prince Rupert
Krystle Gill, Equality & Diversity Representative, Victoria
Officers at Large:
Kenneth Armstrong, Vancouver
Margaret Mereigh, Vancouver
Alison Oxtoby, Yale
Dierk Ullrich, Vancouver

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