Land Title Registrations

Dye & Durham provides consultation and support in helping you fulfill:

  • Requirements for BC land title search and filings related to Land Title Act and other acts such as Builders Lien Act, Personal Property Act, Strata Property Act, Power of Attorney Act and Family Relations Act.
  • Filing requirements for wills and estates related land applications.
  • Filing requirements for corporate, commercial and development related applications such as leases, rights of way, easements, covenants, building schemes and all related requirements.

Your work goes through our careful inspection, which includes:

  • Searching the title prior to submission, comparing the accompanying land title search to the current title and notifying you of any changes.
  • Checking for obvious errors and omissions and notifying you of errors prior to submission.
  • Arranging the filing order of documents.

If you indicate “on hold” on your work order, we will separate it from the regular work flow and wait for your instructions. We inspect your documents submitted “on hold” immediately and notify you of any errors so they can be rectified before you give the go-ahead to proceed.

We offer the following land title registration services:

  • Survey Plans
    Dye & Durham has processed and filed over 3,000 survey plans in the last three years. We are well versed in the requirements and supporting documentation for plan packages including Strata, Subdivision, and Explanatory. We can assist with even the most complex land survey consolidations.
  • Certificates of Pending Litigation
    Working together with our litigation team, our real estate team can meet your filing requirements for Certificates of Pending Litigation. Our pre-inspection checks for correct legal descriptions, forms and parties’ names listed to avoid rejections and costly refiling at court registries and the LTSA.
  • Transfers, Charges & General Filings
    Our team is well experienced in all acts pertaining to real estate filings such as transfers, mortgages, Claims of Builders Lien, Powers of Attorney, Judgments, court orders, caveats, covenants, easements and rights of way.
  • Manufactured Home Transfers
    The Manufactured Home Registry distinguishes British Columbia as the only jurisdiction in Canada that protects a person's investment in a manufactured home by having a central register of ownership details and controlling the movement of homes within British Columbia. This service also includes a preliminary combination MHR and Personal Property lien search.

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What our customers have to say

What Our Customers Have To Say

“ …the access to the wealth of knowledge that is available through Dye & Durham has been invaluable … over the past 16 years."
~ P. Simpson - T. Joseph Simpson Law Office
"…all of the Dye & Durham land registry staff that I deal with are truly exceptional in their professional capacities."
~ L. Couchman - Real Estate Paralegal - Goluboff & Mazzei Barristers & Solicitors
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