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Dye & Durham’s service and product offerings are comprehensive and worldwide. We are here to support you to ensure timely and accurate searching, processing, filing and registration of legal and business information – locally and internationally. Whether you are a legal professional, a government agency, a professional service firm, a boardroom executive, a small business owner or just a person needing registry help, Dye & Durham has just what you need.

Comprehensive Services

Corporate Supplies for your Business

Don’t forget your corporate supplies as you browse our services. Our complete corporate supplies help you store and track your corporate records.


Dye & Durham provides both online and offline support to keep you comfortable. As the industry leader in registry and legal support services, we are continually improving and exploring new ways to stay on top of technological trends and better serve our customers.

We developed two online applications that address the industry’s need for instant access to information, electronic filing and work order management. Explore our electronic solutions below:

Corporate Records Management System - ECORP™
Your simplified approach to corporate records management. An enterprise-level online application designed for law firms and practitioners, ECORP™ offers a simple, practical and cost-effective solution to the management of corporate records.

One-stop Gateway to all Legal Registries - ETRAY™
Your virtual agent and online work order system. Place your order on this free web-based application and in real time, see it get picked up, processed, filed, invoiced and delivered back to your computer electronically, with online document tracking capability.

Save your time and money: Order services on ETRAY™

Dye & Durham’s Fuel Surcharge 

In accordance with Dye & Durham’s fuel policy, we continue to monitor the average weekly fuel price and adjust prices monthly according to the following scale. For each 30 day period:

Market Fuel Price Dye & Durham Fee
Less than $0.89 $0.00
$0.90 - $1.05 $1.59
$1.06 - $1.19 $1.79
$1.20 - $1.35 $1.99
$1.36 - $1.49 $2.09
$1.50 and up $2.19
ETRAY™ $0.00

There are no courier, phone, fax or email fees applicable with the use of ETRAY™, our web-based work order system. Electronic filing through ETRAY™ is a convenient, cost-effective, efficient and an ecologically sound alternative to vehicle courier service. Best of all, ETRAY™ is fully supported by Dye & Durham’s courteous professionals.

For further details about the benefits ETRAY™ holds for your firm, or to book a demonstration, please contact us at [email protected].                              

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