Oil & Gas Sector Services

Dye & Durham’s experienced staff provides province-wide information needed to complete all required documentation for the acquisition and disposition of interests relating to oil and gas sector property interests in BC. This includes, but is not limited to, statutory rights-of-way, leases, modifications, plans, notices of interest, change of name and releases.

Our range of services include preliminary review and consultation prior to filing, liaison with the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, electronic submission of documents and follow up to ensure complete registration. All documents are stored within ETRAY™, our online work order system, and can be archived and viewed at a later date. As well, we provide general search services including legal descriptions, title searches, tax information, assessment reports, land title historical documents and corporate searches. In situations where documents pre-date mandatory electronic filing, we provide attendance at the three BC Land Title offices on a daily basis. 

Enjoy the benefits of efficient and accurate electronic filing through ETRAY™ – Dye & Durham's online work order system:

  • ETRAY™ allows you to have direct access to land title information via Title Direct which automates document uploads onto ETRAY™. Your requests will be automatically channeled and responded to with minimal delay.
  • Request title searches and land registrations over multiple jurisdictions – a single point of contact for all registries.
  • See your work get picked up, processed, filed, invoiced and delivered back to you online, in real time.
  • Eliminate the need for multiple online accounts and additional cash management with the ability to integrate your accounting system to improve cost recovery.

Contact Susan Matthews of Dye & Durham's Real Estate Support Services for more information or to request a quote:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 604-257-1800
Toll-free: 1-800-661-1811

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What our customers have to say

What Our Customers Have To Say

“I have used Dye & Durham since February of 2013 for all of my charges and releases, to leases and statutory rights of way. I have also used them for all of my change of name and property transfer tax submissions. The team at Dye & Durham has helped me every step of the way. Their commitment has saved me a ton of time and has made my job easier. They are a valuable source of my BC land procedural information. The customer service from Dye & Durham has been excellent. They are always reliable, prompt, and friendly, and I would happily recommend their services to anyone.”
~ J. Davidson - Surface Land Administrator
"I have been using Dye & Durham ever since I started with Investors Group. I use them for all of my searches for mortgage information. They are always reliable, prompt, and friendly, and I would recommend their services."
~ P. Strowbridge - Planning Specialist - Investors Group Financial Services Inc.
Have questions? Contact us to discuss your needs with Dye & Durham. 1-800-661-1811